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Find out what makes us the digital marketing agency with transformational results.

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Where it all began

We were there right at the beginning. Just when the concept of ‘search engine optimisation’ was taking off, and the full potential of the internet was being realised, we started to see that businesses large and small would need specialist help.

Since 2018, Ballnbrush has been helping clients navigate the evolving world of digital marketing – and we’ve evolved along with it.

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown to employ more than 50 talented specialists with diverse experiences and broad skill sets.

Success has a digital pulse

Agile and fast-moving, we use our strategic . creatie and technical edge to transform our clients’ businesses and help them thrive in a digital world.

Our vision is a future where success has a digital pulse – and we’re paving the way.

Guided by our principles

When it comes to the way we behave as an agency, we have some core values that help guide us every day.

  • Own it

    If the team wins, everyone wins. We’re responsible not just for what we do directly, but for everything else that affects the overall success of the team. We work together and support each other for a single unified purpose.

  • Positive honesty

    We recognise that challenging one another is how we improve. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations, but we always start with empathy. We celebrate our successes, and we give and receive useful, honest feedback without fear and without ego.

  • Be kind

    Be the teammate you’d want by your side. We help each other grow, and we take care of each other. We accept the best ideas, wherever they come from. If things go wrong, we figure it out and fix it together. Blame is never acceptable.

  • Get after it

    We want to be the best version of ourselves, and have a genuine passion for what we do. We believe that the commitment to be better than we were yesterday is what drives us forward. We’re bold and progressive because we’re not afraid to fail. We embrace change through continuous improvement.

  • Do the right thing

    Our clients entrust us with their business, and their livelihoods, and we take that responsibility seriously. We make decisions based on evidence, experience and ethics, but we’ll always challenge the client if it’s the right thing to do.

Recognised expertise

When you work with us, you’re working with an agency you can trust. We build valuable long-term relationships with our clients, and our passion and professional integrity in what we do contribute to our success.

Hungry to learn

We put learning at the forefront of daily life – we’re always hungry to learn what we don’t know yet. To encourage this culture of curiosity, we hold weekly Ballnbrush Schools, which provide each team member with the opportunity to gain new knowledge and improve their skills.

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